Clown Motif

Everyone has a place like that in their town (or the entirety of your country if you live in Russia), where there’s a whole shopping strip which is pretty cool and suddenly there’s just this one area emitting a black cloud of fear from it, like vicious anger-breath from the lungs of an irate mongoose.

It’s as sketch as the result of a crying elderly woman’s attempt to recall her mugger to the local police district’s new profile artist who doesn’t have a degree in good sketching. It was kinda like the north part of the Strip in Las Vegas. The further up you go, the more uncomfortable things feel, and suddenly you realise you’re standing in Circus Circus and there’s 15 wrinkled slot-grannies staring at you over their cigars and liter-bottles of rum, and everything has this weird clown motif that doesn’t carry.

Totally nailed the Circus Circus vibe, didn’t she?

And her thoughts on the wealth/poverty juxtaposition that exist in our cities is also spot on. During a recent trip to New York a friend took me to Brooklyn. We passed a park in Brownsville where it looked like the kids were playing “war”, except with real hand guns, on our way to Williamsburg to buy a jar of “special” mustard for around $50.

A perfect example in The City would be the Tenderloin butting up against Haight-Ashbury.

A walk in Denver from the gold gilded Capitol building eastward on Colfax is eye opening.

Kansas City? Troost divides the haves from the have nots. As does State Line, with a total income differential near $50K dependent upon whether you’re heading east or west.

But for the most part in KC there isn’t that jarring visual transition, nothing that raises your hackles along Troost or State Line to cause you to make sure you’ve a round chambered. At least, not in my experience.

Maybe you’ve thought of one?

Clown Motif

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