No Guns Please

While most of the civilized portion of the country will be involved with yard work this weekend, or bemoaning their poor 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket results, or watching the Tiger Woods at The Masters, comes now The Tennessean to not only announce the annual NRA convention, but with proof that even the rabid right-wing short bus riders are capable of self-interest:

The National Rifle Association will hold its annual convention April 10-12 in Nashville. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

1. 70,000 people expected
Planners for the NRA expect 70,000 people to converge on the Music City Center for the three-day convention. In 2013, more than 86,000 people attended the NRA convention in Houston. The NRA has 5 million due-paying members, and the convention surrounds an annual required meeting of the members. The next NRA conventions will be held in Louisville, Ky.; Atlanta and Dallas.[…]

6. Security
A multilevel security plan went into works not long after Nashville was chosen as the convention destination. All guns on the convention floor will be nonoperational, with the firing pins removed, and any guns purchased during the NRA convention will have to be picked up at a Federal Firearms License dealer, near where the purchaser lives, and will require a legal identification.

This seems surprisingly like common sense, though patently contradictory for an organization that loudly declaims the right to carry weapons everywhere from inside capitol buildings to movie theaters to bars to schools, that has always ranted that more guns equal more safety.

The NRA wants guns freely available everywhere and at all times.

Expect anywhere near their 70,000 NRA members meeting in Nashville this weekend.

No Guns Please

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