No Apple Watch For You

Apple is releasing their watch today.

However, no Apple watch for you (in person) unless you live in one of the following places: Tokyo, Berlin, London or (of course) LA. 1

So there’s no sense running down to the Plaza today to be all hip n’ stuff – the Apple stores don’t have any of the timepieces in stock. Instead you’re supposed to order them online from the Mothership.

Which sorta puts a damper on things: why buy one unless everyone can see you standing in line to be one of the first to do so?

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  1. It looks like these stores won’t sell you one online. Because, ya know…bakelite!

2 thoughts on “No Apple Watch For You”

  1. I would like to applaud Apple on this achievement. Word on the tech street is that the Apple Watch is the company’s most technologically advanced douche identifier ever.

  2. I hear there’s talk of putting in old (fake) phone booths — the kind with the doors, à la Get Smart? — in the Apple stores: you’d be required to enter the booth to strap on your iWatch for the first time.

    There would be photos.

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