Michigan Teenage Secret Society

NOTE: ONLY for 13-17 year old in the state of Michigan who take spying seriously and attends a public school!

Hey guys!
Do you want to become a spy, but don’t want to wait until you are an adult?
Then you’ve came to the right place!
A few agents would be chosen every month. If you wold like to join our agency, please email mathgeekwriter@physicist.net. Make sure to include:

  • Desired Agent Name
  • Birthday
  • Your current school (Please notify us 3 month prior to changing school)
  • And, of course, tell us a bit more about yourself!

Remember — not everyone would be accepted. You will receive a email containing your first mission right after you got accepted. 1

Michigan Teenage Secret Society

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  1. Does it count that –even though I’m really really old – I behave a lot younger?

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