Vin Scelsa

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Vin Scelsa, a master of free-form radio who has been a standby on New York radio stations for nearly 50 years, will retire on May 2 with the last installment of his long-running show, “Idiot’s Delight,” on WFUV, he announced on the air Saturday night.

Mr. Scelsa, 67, is one of the pioneers of free-form radio, the style of loosely structured, highly personal programming that became associated with rock D.J.s on FM stations in the 1960s and ’70s. In defiance of commercial radio’s development of narrowly defined playlists and audience research, Mr. Scelsa had his playlists meander in sometimes whimsical fashion, mixing underground rock, folksy singer-songwriters, even show tunes. Between songs, he spoke passionately and at great length about the music he loved.

“The kind of programming autonomy I’ve enjoyed, on both commercial and public radio over all these years, is unique,” Mr. Scelsa said in a statement provided by WFUV (90.7 FM). “I am grateful to all the stations I’ve worked on for the privilege of being allowed to wander through their airwaves wherever my interests have taken me.”

Vin Scelsa

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