Now Accepting Androids

Apple is preparing to launch another program to boost iPhone sales in its stores, a stated goal of CEO Tim Cook.

According to sources, Apple will soon introduce a new recycling and trade-in program that will accept non-Apple smartphones, notably including Android and BlackBerry devices, in exchange for gift cards to be used toward the purchase of new iPhones. In continuing to court Android switchers, Apple will use a similar system to the one it uses to repurchase iPhones, whereby Apple Retail Store employees determine trade-in values for devices by considering their cosmetic and functional condition.

The new program will begin in the coming weeks, following extensive training programs for retail store employees that will begin later this week. Apple employees will be able to transfer address book contacts from the rival smartphones to the iPhones, but other data will have to be moved by customers…

Now Accepting Androids

2 thoughts on “Now Accepting Androids”

  1. With all the trouble I’ve been having with my current (cr)Apple products (iPod and iMac), I wouldn’t by another i-device even if they offered to pay my kids college tuition.

    1. Nora’s been after me to get a phone and –if I break down and do it — it will be a ‘droid package of some sort: they seem stable and their security is easy to harden.

      ‘course…I may just tell Nora I picked one up…

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