My 2015 NCAA Bracket

As a CU alumni, I know college football – both of national championship excellence and stink-the-place-up-like-Dan-Hawkins-coaching-at-Kansas 1 ‘quality’.

It is also a given that as a CU alumni I’ve only had stink-the-place-up-like-Colorado experience with collegiate basketball. 2

However that doesn’t matter a whit during March Madness.

Anyone and their dog can fill out a NCAA tournament bracket, confident in the knowledge that they, too, will never ever choose flawlessly. That in fact by the end of Round 2 their bracket will look like a gut-shot cowboy stranded in a parched desert, surrounded by slavering buzzards.

So despite the Buffet’s stinginess, despite my utter lack of first-hand expertise on the subject, and most assuredly despite the catcalls and other trolling this post may provoke, herewith follow my 2015 NCAA Bracket picks.

Go ahead: laugh it up, fuzzballs.

2015 NCAA Bracket

My 2015 NCAA Bracket

Show 2 footnotes

  1. What a nightmare that would be.
  2. CU’s run of the PAC-Something with its attendant Big Dance invite several years ago notwithstanding; that was, what – a once in a lifetime event?

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