The Kansas City Star‘s opinion page has officially become synonymous with the word milquetoast.

Seriously, we just got off the phone with the good folk at the OED. It is their learned opinion that the Star‘s 03/11/2015 editorial Meaningful talks between Academie Lafayette and Kansas City Public Schools must focus on students is so spineless the “opinion” piece could itself be the primary definition of milquetoast. 1 2

Not to put too fine a point on it, but by not calling out KCPS Superintendent Dr. Green on his lack of leadership (he’s obviously kowtowing to the multiple black-oriented citizens associations); by not taking a pro-entrance exam stand for incoming KCPS students to the putative AL high school (despite contrary rhetoric Lincoln Prep is not filled to the brim, and there’s a sadly obvious reason why not: KCPS basic English and math scores are abysmal); by not calling out the silent financial backers of the proposed AL high school only at SWEC (can you say Henry and Richard Bloch et alis anyone?); by not honestly reporting on the State’s proposal to revamp KCPS last year and instead jumping on the band-wagon to retain the current status quo (yes, Dr. Nicastro was tough to take, but her plan was right, regardless of how she went about it), the Star continues to mar what remains of its past integrity and leadership.

Gone are the days when the Star lead on any topic, long past the era when the paper itself was willing to take a stance. Instead these days the paper leaves publishing real opinions to individual Editorial Page writers; weak tea, indeed.

And we would contend that this trend, rather than a predominantly left-leaning bias 3 , has driven away both readership and advertisers. Should Mi-Ai continue to allow the Star to drift in this fashion it will soon become no more important than the Pitch.


Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though, mostly like SCOTUS, OED is unwillingly to overturn centuries of precedent; there is always the chance that a real publisher will buy the Star and return it to a proud, investigative news organ. Probably not, sure, but the OED has always taken the longer view.
  2. Our Friend intends to submit a different definition to Urban Dictionary: cowardly little pussy.
  3. As so many commenters continually claim on erstwhile Star reporter Jim Fitzpatrick’s blog – Jimmy C Says.

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