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In a little over 4 hours from this posting it will be April Fool’s Day in Japan. And, yes, they enjoy playing pranks as much as we do – maybe more. The most memorable of late was when Hachikō was “stolen” and France offered to replace him with a statue of a poodle.

Burger King is looking to up the practical joke stakes.

For hamburger aficionados who can’t get enough of it, Burger King has an answer: a grilled burger-scented fragrance..

Burger King said Friday that the limited “Whopper” grilled beef burger-scented cologne will be sold only one day on April 1, and only in Japan.

Apparently a real thing, the ‘fragrance’, entitled Flame Grilled, will be sold in a limited amount – 1,000 bottles. The cost? A mere 5,000 yen ($40) per.

Even for Japan this is weird. 1


Burger King

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  1. Though, come to think of it….the ‘fragrance’ would probably go over well at certain Kansas City meat markets down in Westport or at the Power and Light.

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