Shrub in Retrospect

We were browsing through an older list of must read bookmarks when we came across this gem: Shrub’s 1999 interview with Thoughtcast’s Jenny Attiyeh.

Shrub’s college-sophomore-running-for-Student-Council-President attitude sent sneaky little fissions up our spine, followed immediately by a few darkling foreshadowings: Shrub’s dishonest disdain for polls (had we only known about his famous “gut” back then); his certainty of when & where America’s national interests lay (“…only in our hemisphere”: which of course included Southeast Asia. And…Southwest Asia. And…the South Pole. And, as it turned out, every and anywhere The Dark Lord advised him.).

Shrub’s mein in this interview was privileged East Coast prep, a callow youth aware of nothing but his own self-importance; the ultimate powdered silver spoon child whose father had purchased a governorship for him and was about, to our everlasting horror, to buy him a presidency.

The official Iraqi Body Count site puts the total Iraqi civilian deaths attributed to Shrub’s gut at just over 150,000. 150,000 innocent men, women and children who did nothing other than live in a country that Shrub illegally invaded and occupied.

The site iCausalties does a sadly thorough job of documenting all the other deaths.

By some estimates the total number of Iraqi deaths in Shrub’s misadventure numbered closer to one million souls. And of course Shrub’s exceptionalism created ISIS, which will further extend those figures.

Americans sometimes amuse themselves with the parlor game What If? What If I were sent back into history and had a loaded pistol 2 inches from Hitler’s heart? Would I pull the trigger?

Don’t you know Iraqis daily play a variant of that meme: if we were sent back in time and had a gun to George Bush’s temple, would we pull the trigger?

Do you honestly believe this has not occurred to them?

Shrub in Retrospect

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