Post Office

Back when Buffalo Bob & Howdy Doody “graced” our black and white screens it was presumptive that when one ran away from home, it would be to an “exotic” locale: The Old West, to become a cowboy; some vaguely eastern European location (definitely with gypsy women), to join the circus; the North or South Pole, ’cause that would show ’em.

Since those days the South Pole, at least, has become somewhat more prosaic a jaunt:

It is freezing, smelly, and you may be gone some time. Applicants to run the world’s most southerly post office have been warned about the harsh realities of the life they would endure in the Antarctic.

The successful candidates will spend five months on Goudier, an island “the size of a football pitch” just off the Antarctic peninsula, sorting the mail at Port Lockroy, a former British scientific base.

There is little danger of being savaged by a stray dog while handling the mail, but the post office workers must be able to “dodge” the island’s colony of 2,000 penguins. For £1,100 ($1697.78 US) a month, they will be expected to dig out snow, keep smiling in temperatures that dip below 5F (-15C), and go for a month without taking a shower, as there is no running water.

Post Office

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