Invisible Star

These days the Star’s diminished glow casts but a weak, inconsistent lambency over Kansas City; much passes both unseen and uncommented on by that fading beacon.

Yet Polyphemus instructs us that some sight is probably better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, n’est-ce pas?

Though to be honest – not by much. If better than a poke in the eye means a localized USA Today (which most everyone foresaw at least 5 years ago) that persists in ridding itself of its singular assets, than the Star is well on its myopic way. A longtime acquaintance at the Star recently tipped us off to the latest newsroom bloodletting, which in turn led us to the indubitable Jimmy C 1, who had already limned the gory details.

Another (virtual) friend, who has reason to know, remarked it was somewhat beyond belief the Star would “lay off” good folk while simultaneously advertising a handful of (reporting) positions. And yet…

Another erstwhile journalist remarked that the Star’s situation reminds him of an old friend, already blind drunk, intent on imbibing even unto death.

You have to wonder…

Invisible Star

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