Surveillance Society

The calls to further our world’s already omnipresent surveillance society started early:

David Cameron…on Monday (told) Britain’s intelligence chiefs that he will introduce the so-called snooper’s charter after a Tory general election win as he redoubles Britain’s efforts to tackle the “poisonous death cult” of Islamist extremists.

In marked contrast to Ed Miliband, who rejected calls for an immediate revival of the snooper’s charter in the UK in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the prime minister said he would adopt a “more comprehensive approach” to surveillance than he has done in coalition.

The remarks by the prime minister suggest that surveillance could become a divisive issue at the general election. Miliband said after his own talks with the intelligence chiefs that he would adopt a “cautious and considered” approach in answer to calls for increased surveillance powers for the intelligence agencies.


Popular messaging services like Snapchat and WhatsApp are in the cross hairs in Britain.That was the message delivered on Monday by Prime Minister David Cameron, who said he would pursue banning encrypted messaging services if Britain’s intelligence services were not given access to the communications.

The statement comes as many European politicians are demanding that Internet companies like Google and Facebook provide greater information about people’s online activities after several recent terrorist threats, including the attacks in Paris.

And of course Obama’s proposed legislation to “shore up” America’s cyber security would prove to be just as invasive and not stop a damn thing. 1

surveillance society

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  1. The Sony-NK hack is a ruse; literal terabytes of data were “stolen” and that doesn’t happen without someone on the inside facilitating, making it look like normal traffic.

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