The White House plans a conference next month on efforts to counter violent extremism — in light of this past week’s shootings in France, and earlier attacks in Canada and Australia.

The meeting will highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent extremists and their supporters from radicalizing, recruiting and inspiring others in the United States and elsewhere to carry out violent acts.

The White House says the Feb. 18 summit will build upon a current U.S. strategy to address the threat of violent extremism. The White House says cities such as Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis-St. Paul have taken a leading role as part of their approach to crime prevention and community safety.

This seems to us particularly clueless: “…efforts to prevent extremists and their supporters from radicalizing…”

So…what? Obama intends to pledge to never again hunt down and kill American’s for little or no reason in order to prevent the radicalization similar to that of Timothy McVeigh?

He will make sure the CIA will never use American citizens as unwitting guinea pigs in secret experiments conducted in the halls of ivy league universities that inadvertently radicalize unsuspecting Americans? 1

He will vow, nay, enact into law, strictures that prevent himself and all future presidents from engaging in military adventures under the guise of exceptionalism and small-dick issues?

He will forswear America’s current MO of when all else fails, send a drone and bomb the shit out of them?

Because it seems to us that short of these things America’s continuing history of violence toward…well…almost everyone will ensure the continued radicalization of certain individuals.

The first clue, lesson number one from human history on the subject of nonviolence, is that there is no word for it…while every major language has a word for violence, there is no word to express the idea of nonviolence except that it is not the other idea, it is not violence.

– Mark Kurlansky, Nonviolence – The History of a Dangerous Idea

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  1. Be not too quick to judge: MKULTRA was/is the penultimate in hydras, continuing to this very day in the (subliminal) way of wizards, who are, if you recall, subtle and quick to anger; it is worth your time to research the subject, yes – you’ll soon have a different opinion of teh TV and other forms of pop media. But delve not too deep lest you find yourself beyond the map, lost.

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