Charlie Hedbo

We’re all Charlie Hedbo now.

And by we I don’t mean bloggers proclaiming themselves the last free speech zones, nor do we mean publishing like material in sympathy/support of Charlie Hedbo 1, nor even the inevitable editorial condemnations. 2

By we I mean every person who lives purposefully without religion, every publication/news organ that consistently pushes back against religious hegemony wherever it finds it: be it the 900 Christian factions devolved upon America from the Church of England, or the ever sinful Catholics, the Muslims/Islamists, hell even the damned Buddhists. These we all face the possibility of a Charlie Hedbo variant, especially in America.

What’s that, you say. Religious violence in America? Can’t happen.

Tell that to every woman in America who’s had to cross a religious-based picket-line in order to avail themselves of Planned Parenthood’s services. Or those women raped by the states before they can even seek an abortion.

Tell that to Dr. George Tiller; tell that to the 6 Sikhs murdered by Wade Michael Page; tell that to the dead and wounded in Tennessee by Jim David Adkisson’s hand; tell that to Dr. John Britton, murdered by Army of God adherent Paul Jennings Hill; tell that to the several murdered and over 100 injured by Army of God adherent Eric Rudolph, or Barnett Slepian, slain by another Army of God adherent James Charles Kopp; tell that to the dead at the Brookline, Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood shootings; tell that to Alan Berg, dead at the hands of The Order, a group of professed Mormons…

And that’s just the tip of what has already occurred in the U.S; the Hutaree, according to the DHS a Michigan extremist militia that touts Christian inspiration, at one point possessed a cache of weapons larger than all the Muslims charged with terrorism in the United States since the September 11 attacks combined. There’s the Phineas Priesthood. As well as Christian Identity and Christian Patriot, to include the Lambs of Christ. The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, The Freemen Community. And…but you get the idea.

Yes, we are all Charlie Hedbo now.

You could in fact say America has become Charlie Hedbo, subject to random terror visited by multiple agencies, not just religion: DHS; The War On Terror; the Unibombers and Timothy McVeighs of the world. We are terrorized by our own government: the NSA, Waco, Ruby Ridge and Thor knows how many other events that have never come to the attention of the press.

The common thread?

We do nothing. Or too few of us do something, anything. Organized religion is finally on the wane in America, but it won’t go quietly, any more that those who would have us at perpetual war with Eastasia would allow common sense and simple humanity to prevail. And if course remains true, what follows is inevitable.

It will reach you. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

Wake up, people.

Charlie Hedbo

Show 2 footnotes

  1. The odds of an obscure online presence coming to the attention of fanatics make your chances of winning Powerball appear reasonable.
  2. Though such worthies as Time magazine are as apt to blame the satirists than the terrorists.

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