The American People

We should all roll our eyes, pick up a snowball we’ve stashed in our freezers since the middle of February, and hit the politician in his forehead whenever we hear one of them start a statement with, “The American people.” Because as many of us have realized for years, they’re not talking about us. As we discovered with the Supreme Court decision about corporate and foreign contributions to campaigns last year, corporations and the wealthy define whom most of our leaders think of when they’re saying “The American people.” Especially since Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil and NBC Comcast collectively count as “American people…

It was, you will remember, only in Ronald Reagan’s second term, after a previous long and disastrous four years of “trickling down” had teed up the country for a severe recession, that people realized the old coot was senile.

Many of us sighed with relief – “Well, that’s alright then! He didn’t really mean to fuck us over; he’s just batshit crazy. Whew!”

Last night’s display of a lack of connection to any semblance of reality by Brownback probably echoes those same concerns to Brownbackistanis state-wide, generally fair-minded people who had hoped that the grim statistics of the latest Top 10 of “unfair” states list (states where the tax burden falls most heavily on the poorest of its residents; Brownbackistan hit the charts at #9, with a bullet!) and continuing negative public opinion over his policies would rouse the Gov from his self-induced torpor.

Sadly, it appears ol’ Sam is content to poke Brownbackistanis in the eye with the sharpest stick he can find, all the while explaining it’s for their own good, for the next four years.

It’s fortunate the rest of the American people long ago espied Brownback for the whack-job he is so obviously is; at least his particular brand of corporatism mental illness will be contained within his little duchy.

The American people

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