The NYPD cop who took down Eric Garner seconds before he died told Internal Affairs investigators that he did not use a chokehold on the victim, his lawyer said on Wednesday.

“He reiterated that he used a takedown maneuver, that he did not utilize a chokehold. And any contact his arm had with the neck was incidental. He never intended to harm Mr. Garner, nor did he ever apply any pressure to his neck area,” attorney Stuart London told The Post about his client, Daniel Pantaleo.

“We have always maintained it was never a chokehold. It was takedown procedure he was instructed in how to perform while in the police academy.”

We’ve no doubt officer Pantaleo believes the restraint he employed on Eric Garner to be legitimate; remember, Pantaleo serves, and is of, a state that long ago expropriated the means of political organization and domination, to include violence.

Eric Garner’s resistance was illegal; officer Pantaleo’s subsequent killing of Garner was perfectly legal.

Moreover the arbitrariness of the state’s power to randomly kill its citizenry is quite useful; the killings can be later blessed by legal theater wherein the citizenry believes justice will prevail, thereby keeping up appearances. Look at us, the mummers proclaim: are we not well-meaning, competent individuals? Accept our rational verdict that it was your fault we killed you.

Think back to Ferguson: do you truly believe allowing Michael Brown’s corpse to lie in the street for four hours was an accident? Nothing could be further from the truth, which is that the agents of the state chose to display the body that way; we don’t spike heads any more but the message is just the same.

While racism in America is a precondition of inequality, not a consequence, Brown and Garner were not about racism: this is thinly disguised slavery. The way we live now is under the thumb of a multi-generational, plundering ruling class that has systemically woven its own wants and desires into our politics: what’s good for General Motors is good for America. Black America, having far more prolonged and intimate contact with the toe of our masters’ boot, tends to push back more often and, hence, dies more often. White America still buys into the snake oil pitch that we’re an exceptional nation, that our masters have our best interests in mind, that if we just keep our head down, work hard and keep our eyes on the prize we can become one with our masters.

That’s insane, of course, and the rest of the word — having experienced generations of tyrants of all stripes — thinks we’re crazy to believe it. The rest of the world understands that soon, when there are no jobs anywhere, even for white Americans, the color of the heads on the spikes will change.

Too bad we don’t recognize it.

Wake up, people.


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