Let them eat Twinkies

THE police killing unarmed civilians. Horrifying income inequality. Rotting infrastructure and an unsafe “safety net.” An inability to respond to climate, public health and environmental threats. A food system that causes disease. An occasionally dysfunctional and even cruel government. A sizable segment of the population excluded from work and subject to near-random incarceration.

You get it: This is the United States, which, with the incoming Congress, might actually get worse…

And so on.

However Bittman may have understated the case. You read where Congress gave themselves $1,000 a month to pay for their cars?

There are still millions of people in this country who, if they’re lucky, only make $15 an hour. Which –assuming they get 40 hours a week, and after all taxes and insurance premiums are paid — nets out at just over $1K a month.

Let them eat Twinkies, one supposes.

Wake up, people.

Let them eat Twinkies

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