The Interview

About that Sony Pictures hack

You noticed that Alamo Drafthouse took a swing at Sony the other day? Instead of The Interview they planned on screening Team America

…at least they were until Paramount banned screening that film as well.

So we reached out to Tim League for his thoughts on the matter. League offered up an obviously frustrated “No comment, Nick.” 1

Over at KC’s gossip blog (No: not KC’s Most Sued Blog – the other one) the resident travel agent-cum-movie reviewer opined exhibitors were correct in pulling The Interview in fear of lawsuits resulting from…well, anything untoward that could be blamed on the theaters screening the (putative) comedy.

There are other takes, of course.

We even hear president Obama will address the nation on the subject today right before the normal 12:30 press briefing. 2

To which the GOP responded:

Our own take is similar: the same fear that religious extremists have engendered in the world in the name of their various imaginary gods now officially plagues the secular world. At this rate we will end up accommodating others to our own to death. Sony should just grow a pair; how big could their North Korean market be?

Of more importance will be the White House and Congress’ response; this would be the perfect time to craft legislation further impeding privacy on the innernetz.

In the name of “our freedoms”, of course.

The Interview

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Seriously, if you’ve met League there’s one thing you know – he’s not shy with his opinions. Though his lack of commentary in this instance is easy to understand; Alamo had already stuck its head up once only to have it whacked. If the company further annoyed the cartel studios that might well have a negative impact on what films it would be offered in the future.
  2. Obama, it is said, is weighing a “proportional response” to the hack, which we assume means not allowing Dennis Rodman to go play any more hoops with Kim Jong Un.

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