Identity Vault

Iowans will soon be able to use a mobile app on their smartphones as their official driver’s license issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The app, which will be provided to drivers at no additional cost, will be available sometime in 2015, DOT Director Paul Trombino told Gov. Terry Branstad during a state agency budget hearing Monday.

“We are really moving forward on this,” Trombino said. “The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation.”

People will still be able to stick a traditional plastic driver’s license in their wallet or purse if they choose, Trombino said. But the new digital license, which he described as “an identity vault app,” will be accepted by Iowa law enforcement officers during traffic stops and by security officers screening travelers at Iowa’s airports, he said.

“It is basically your license on your phone,” he said.

So, what…you voluntarily hand your phone to the cop? And then he takes it back to his patrol car, right? Because that’s what cops do when they have your ID, they sit in their units and run wants/warrants on you, put your ID through NCIC, that sort of thing.

And as long as he’s waiting for that information to come back, what’s to keep him from looking through your everything? And, no, SCOTUS has not yet ruled on whether when you voluntarily hand your cell phone to a cop he has the right to search it, so don’t go there. 1

And even if SCOTUS nay-says that obvious breach of privacy, it certainly won’t stop some of the thin blue line from cracking your Crackberry. And don’t say “But, dude; I’ll have it locked down.” No you won’t – you’re an idiot at that. Most people are; children routinely crack their parents’ phone’s “security controls.”

The ubiquity of cell phones as identity vaults containing all of our PII data, not to mention access to our social media & porn emails sites, though handy, is probably not as desirable as one might wish.

Identity Vault

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  1. Plus? The friendly Canadians will politely laugh in your face while they search your cell phone. And we won’t even discuss what goes on down in Old Mexico.

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  1. No need to crack anything, app will do it anyway. Probably contact the base periodically to report on you.
    You need to relax, enjoy this.
    BTW, thanks for releasing full posts in RSS.

  2. Lie back and think of England, eh? You’re probably right.

    As to the RSS thang, no idea how it got changed in the first place; fuckin’ technology…

    Also? Great vid!

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