Buying Politicians

There was a brief article this week in the New York Times Magazine on buying politicians.

The piece opens with how Don Blankenship spent $3 Million on a West Virginia judicial election, whereupon the author (Binyamin Appelbaum) turns to how uneconomic it is to buy an election, including this infamous 2009 Blankenship quote:

“I’ve been around West Virginia long enough to know that politicians don’t stay bought.”

This is then followed by Justice Kennedy’s specious argument in Citizens United that there was no evidence of a quid pro quo purchase of a politician.

Appelbaum then goes on to make the case that corporations don’t really buy elections, the corruption of Congress comes wholly from redistricting. 1

Which to my mind only conclusively shows that Appelbaum himself has been bought off by those self-same innocent corporations. 2

Buying Politicians

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Which does play some part in the same assholes returning to that benighted institution year after year.
  2. Or is simply proof the New York Times Magazine is now hiring gullible teenage writers; oh, the bathos!

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