Lees and Orts

Before we wind down for the rest of the week 1 we offer up the following lees and orts:

  • We were in Ferguson Monday evening for the GJ decision. Wish we could tell you the resulting mess in the streets had solved anything, or was even marginally different from the past street protests/riots sprung fully formed from America’s racist forehead, or that we had received a blinding epiphany while dodging tear gas with an Amnesty International representative 2, but such is not the case; what’s going on in Ferguson now has gone on in America almost from the instant LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act in ’65.
  • There was rapid gun-fire, the semi-automatic kind, on the streets Monday night in Ferguson; the word in the crowd was that someone had “liberated” an AR-15 from a patrol unit. This actually turned out to be the case . Our first thought on hearing the news was to note the protesters had effectively appropriated the resupply tactics of “freedom fighters” the world over. Our second thought was to spend more time shielded by non-burning cars.
  • A friend asked why we planned on just ‘blurbing’ Ferguson; shouldn’t we have thousands of words to relate? The answer is a flat “nope, don’t have but a thing or two to say.” International protest coverage since the ’60s is exhaustive: from the Prague Spring, from Kent State, from all the Vietnam protests, from the ’68 race riots in this country…to just this past second, any time protesters have challenged their governments (and are met with often brutal resistance) someone brilliant is there to capture the event on film/digital media or to write down their thoughts and impressions to share with the larger population. And it always comes down to the same thing: change is needed; change is (perhaps) inevitable; no change. No change. 3 We wonder when the next step happens, when will the crowd decide to move beyond protests; that, we expect, everyone will write about.
  • Meanwhile, in Denver…
  • Of interest is the following Iraqi news item claiming the US is arming ISIS. Well, that’s just horse shit, you mutter. Probably, but we remember Ollie North all too well, not to mention our personal conversations with Liddy and Haldeman – there are people in our government quite capable of literally anything. If, for example, it was deemed necessary to arm a (putative) opponent in order to continue an unpopular war (to further a larger, private agenda) against said opponent, certain individuals within the government would think nothing of selling their soul to the Koch brothers to advance such a cause.
  • Data gathering is always going to be a problem, but there will always be counter-steps you can take; better to start now.
  • Our latest Twitter find.


Lees and Orts

Show 3 footnotes

  1. What could possibly be of such note as to rouse us from our predictable food coma: the Republican’s putative explosion over Obama’s abuse of executive powers in pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey? We think not…
  2. Though said AI rep was flabbergasted the police would aim CS gas her way – didn’t they see her bright yellow t-shirt?
  3. And this is true regardless of the situation; from pouring over the released GJ documents in the Michael Brown case it is easy to see why the jury returned no true bills (which is not to say officer Wilson should not have faced some charges; I won’t make the case here – read the docs for yourself.) However, what the docs don’t take into consideration is the context of being black in America: change is needed; change is (perhaps) inevitable; no change. No change. No change.

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