Enigma Machine

One of the best non-technical descriptions I’ve read about how the Enigma Machine functioned: great diagram.
Enigma Machine
Plus! IEEEE reviews The Imitation Game. 1
Enigma Machine

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  1. Bet you thought the membership (as well as a certain percentage of Go players) hadn’t seen a movie since π, n’est-ce pas? You wouldn’t be far off.

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    1. between the computer chips, the self-driving, the preinstalled lo- and hi- jacks allowing the insurance companies–as well as the NSA– to access our actually driving habits, not to mention the incessant yapping coming from the back seat, I think my next vehicle will be an old ’65 Chevy pickup, straight six, 3 on the column.

      let’s see those intelligence suckers screw that up.

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