2014 Midterm Elections

As we agonizingly, absolutely crawl toward tomorrow’s midterm elections, WNBTv has rounded up the peerless punditry’s perilous predictions:

SO…all the major poll models trend toward the GOP gaining the Senate and thoroughly gridlocking Congress. 3 But here’s the crux of the biscuit: it’s going to be nail-bitingly close as to whether the GOP gains only 5 seats instead of the necessary seven. And as has been hashed, rehashed and warmed-over rehashed again, Georgia and Louisiana will endure runoffs that will last perhaps until January. So the final makeup of the Senate may not be known until then.

This fact, combined with the GOP’s lack of a veto-proof majority, will drive some of the crazier Tea Party faction to madness: “What – we can’t immediately dismantle the Republic? But we won the midterm elections!”

Patience, children. Patience. 4

midterm elections

Show 4 footnotes

  1. That .5 gain will be as miraculous as the immaculate conception…if not as  well intentioned.
  2. Where the various polls/pundits disagree is concerning with which party Greg Orman intends to caucus. And there’s odds on that as well: right now it’s 1 in 9 Orman will decide who controls the Senate.
  3. No, it’s not a done deal, but the general consensus is Billy Butler was more likely to hit a timely home run in the 2014 World Series than the DEMs make a successful stand in the Senate.
  4. We suspect that it will be weeks before anyone in the new GOP Congress lays out an actual, original plan for improving things, what with being so busy with their plans of destruction.

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