And now…news for the (rightfully) too-embarrassed-to-be-seen-in-public-dressed-in-their-superhero-costumes 1 set: Marvel Studios will announce some MAJOR news in just a few hours (at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles) that, if you aren’t dead by then, may have an impact on your movie viewing habits down the road. You can see the announcement as it happens here.

Wish we could tell you exactly what this is about but the invitations only included the date, time and location. 2 3 We can tell you that speculation is rampant: Captain America info? Maybe something definitive about Dr. Strange? Or perhaps a collaboration with Apple on iMarvel? Odder things have happened…

To keep you amused until the announcement, here’s the already posted schedule through most the rest of your life. 4



Show 4 footnotes

  1. In a just world, that would include anyone past the age of 10. Seriously? Adults wondering around in full-dress costumes, in public, on days that are not Halloween? To what avail, one wonders…then quickly un-wonders: we do NOT want to get too close to the disordered thought process that believes the acting-out process of a child is appropriate public behavior for an adult. If you’re attending a comicon, where you will be fully masked and your “secret identity” will never leak out, that’s barely acceptable. All else is…well, again we’ve no words.
  2. Yes, we received an invitation. When we inquired as to why we were informed it was because “..of the Batman review you published.” Which, while well written, was a.) anti-Batman movies in general, and b.) no longer on the site. Or if it is we can’t find it. Oh well; they don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing.
  3. No, we’re not in Los Angeles; our travel budget is shot all to hell.
  4. 2020? Some of you old farts will be drooling idiots by then. Wait…

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