SMI²LE —a phrase coined by Tim Leary in the 1970s— stands for Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension, and was his recipe for a working future.

RAW focused much of Cosmic Trigger on the SMI²LE formula, predicting that by the end of the 20th century humanity would be living in off-world O’Neill colonies, with greatly enhanced cognitive ability and lifespans extended by centuries or even indefinitely.

None of these predictions came true within Leary or Wilson’s lifetimes—both men died, without any immortality pill in sight, in a post-Challenger era in which the US space program had wilted, and humanity was acting stupider than ever.

But 2014 is a different story. Although the same old “let’s party like it’s 1099” Crusader script keeps getting remade over and over, with better special effects each time, we’re also starting to actually see some of the SMI²LE future show up.


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