It’s just a different era, that’s all.

Back in the day, when the obligations of citizenship was taken more seriously, one would have phoned home.

You know, we had an incident today and I ended up having to handle a deadly and highly contagious virus sample. I don’t believe that I was exposed, but I won’t really be sure for up to 3 weeks…yes, I know – that is a long time. Hon, I’m really, really sorry, but I will probably have to stay here a few days, just to be monitored. I know, I know. Oh, and the cruise? Yes, honey, I’m afraid so – if they let me go home in a day or two it doesn’t mean I don’t have the virus; like I said, it might not present until weeks afterward, then I would be contagious and the last thing we’d want is to be in the middle of a captive audience spreading it around. Yeah, see if we can reschedule, would you? The cruise line is pretty good about that…yeah, me, too. Love you. See you when I can. Bye.”

Today? Not so much.

OVERWROUGHT ANNOUNCER:  “You just handled one of the most deadly and contagious viruses known to man? What’s next?”

SELF ABSORBED TWIT: “Why…we’re off to Disneyland!!”


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