2014 World Series

Back at the start of 2014’s spring training the odds of the Royals winning the World Series were, according to Vegas, 50 – 1. 1

As of this morning the Royals are 5/4 favorites to win the World Series. 2

Whether you’re a native Kansas Citian or simply a long-time Royals fan, this is more than disorienting: where the hell did this offense come from; why aren’t the Royals tripping over their own long pants 3; Billy Butler stole what? None of this seems real. As scripted as the Royals’ progression through the playoffs feels, I keep expecting Yost to screw up so thoroughly that even his sky-high players can’t save his clueless ass.

But at the back of my mind is also this niggling cross-reference to the 1919 Black Sox World Series.

That couldn’t happen in today’s world, right?

Right? 4

World Series

Show 4 footnotes

  1. Vegas’s then odds-on favorites at 7 – 1, the Los Angels Dodgers, are long gone. Same with the Detroit Tigers, who opened at 8 – 1.
  2. No, no odds on their sweeping the whole thing. But then…I didn’t look. I expect you could get a play on that bet somewhere.
  3. Have I mentioned how I hate that particular ‘innovation’? In addition to being a continual pain in the ass (how many times during the play-offs have you seen a batter reach down and ‘dress’ his pants hem just so over his cleats? So far my count is a dozen.), stirrups add that certain je ne sais quoi to baseball’s uniform – without them you might as well play in jeans and a white t-shirt.
  4. The logical portion of my mind says “Right; the Angels and The Orioles just spent too much time perusing admiring articles written about them instead of preparing to play game; the Royals were supposed to suddenly fall aside from Baseball’s Betters. That they refuse to bow down left both teams agog.” The illogical portion of my mind (admittedly somewhat larger than the rest) says “It could be done; all it would take is one or two players on each team…” Not sure which side I want to be correct.

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  1. Yost contract is up. Logic says do not resign him but I must ask if any man alive could get more out of these players? I WILL NOT call for his removal. Let the baseball people handle that

    1. I was being somewhat ironic; I’ve watched baseball enough decades to realize sometimes there’s no explaining why a team performs either do well or so badly. Yost has been –for the most part– hands off during the ALDS and ALCS. However all it will take for the calls for his head will be to get swept in an ugly fashion by the Giants. (Or our discovering that Glass has engineered a second 1919 Black Sox scandal…)

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