Teh Stoopid

Evidence of the KCPS board’s abiding love affair with the stoopid just keeps mounting.

We recently noted Dr. Green and the KCPS board had proudly pronounced a pyrrhic victory upon being gifted “provisional” accreditation by DESE, even while totally eliding the latest data documenting that fully 70% of KCPS scholars are not competent in either reading or mathematics. You know – the basics?

We admit, that was a ballsy move. Stoopid, but ballsy.

Comes once again the KCPS to announce their intent to further miseducate their scholars, this time via technology!

At Kansas City Public Schools, we know that we’re preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Starting with the 2014-2015 school year, every single KCPS student is being equipped with a laptop in order to ensure that they are fluent in technology by the time they go to college and launch their careers.

That’s right: KCPS is provisioning each and every student with laptops “to ensure that they are fluent in technology…”

Let’s get real, shall we? Giving children laptops to make them fluent in technology is akin to giving Hollywood starlets iPhones to assure their fluency in ‘cloud’ security. 1

Moreover KCPS’ promise of Pre-loaded e-textbooks and safety and security software and settings should strike fear into the heart of anyone remotely familiar with enterprise level LANs; expect the domain these devices are administered by to be totally pwned by Christmas.

Finally, what logic arrives at the conclusion a large number (approx. 10,000) of functionally illiterate children will gain technical fluency simply by using a laptop? To achieve A+ certification 2 requires basic literacy, something the majority of KCPS scholars can not claim.

Unless KCPS is using the phrase are fluent in technology to mean can use a laptop much like a television remote, they are just swimming in the stoopid.

But, hey! What do we know? After all, we haven’t been involved in the miseducation of Kansas City scholars for over forty years – maybe this will work. We mean…just LOOK at their video! Technology abounds…

Teh Stoopid

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Though one could easily argue the outcome of the starlet/iPhone combination provides more overall benefit to society  than the scholar/laptop combination.
  2. Which is the bare minimum necessary to find and hold a Tier I Helpdesk position (on the night shift) earning no more that $24K a year.

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