We all remember how recently the Jersey Whale Chris Christie flew into town to eat save Brownback’s bacon? Whereupon Christie proceeded to talk up Brownback’s fiscal prudence, claiming that Kansas would be the better for the massive tax cuts Brownback initiated? Because Christie is such a renowned financial wizard himself?

Yeah…not so much with that:

ATLANTIC CITY – Revel Casino Hotel, labeled a “game changer” by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) when it opened in April 2012, closed early Tuesday morning as part of an economic implosion in this historic city’s gambling industry.

…For Christie, however, Revel’s closure is a particular embarrassment. Two and a half years ago, the governor hailed the newest addition to the boardwalk as a “turning point” for the city. When initial investors bailed, his administration guaranteed $261 million in tax incentives. At its opening, Christie even made a plea for his state’s favorite son, Bruce Springsteen, to play a concert at Revel.

What is it what these maroons?

Christie goes all in 1 on a casino.

Brownback goes all in 2 on tax cuts.

James is bound and determined to go all in on KCI and a mini-me version of the Polar Express. 3


Because they’re all so much smarter that the average bear? Gimme a break.

Maroons, all of them.


Show 3 footnotes

  1. Or at least uses New Jersey taxpayer revenues to go all in…
  2. Okay; technically, Brownback went all out, throwing perfectly good revenue away because…monkeys!
  3. Because, much like the horse and carriage rides on the Plaza, that’s about the only time the streetcar will garner significant use: tourists and families looking at the city lights and such…

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