Remember Lilith?

Dr. Lilith Sternin, that is, Niles Crane’s dominatrix wife on the show Frasier? That was one scary woman; one was hard put to understand why, much less how, Niles wound up married to her. He was a smart man – her name alone should have warned him.

If you go back far enough you discover Lilith got around; she was Adam’s first wife, disavowed for refusing to lay under Adam. Cast aside when God created a more pliable Eve from Adam’s rib, Lilith hooked up with Satan and lay instead with him 1, the progeny of that tryst resulting in the first of Hell’s demons.

Later Lilith became a Mesopotamian demon that always brought storms, disease and death. This was roughly around 700 BC, according to the references in the Dead Sea Scrolls and even the Talmud.

You’d have thought even helpless Niles could have Googled her, right? Discovered the part where she, not Satan, appeared to Eve as The Serpent, eventually cutting The First Couple’s stay in Eden short?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but losing your head to a woman named Lilith is a poor idea.

In fact the Bible is full of vengeful women: Salome demanded the head of no less than John the Baptist 2; Judith seduced Holofernes and then got him so drunk he passed out, whereupon she hacked off his head with his own sword.

For look, here is Holofernes lying on the ground, and his head is not on him!”

Come to think of it, beheading is pretty popular in the Bible.

David beheaded Goliath after whacking him in the head with a stone.

Supposedly the intent of this story was to prove David’s identity as the true king of Israel. But Jewish traditions have always made much of Goliath as the representative of paganism opposing David as the champion of the God of Israel.

See: this is what happens to non-believers. We’ll cut your head off.

Beheading is somewhat of a Christian tradition: look ye to Jericho and tremble. 3

So…why quelle horreur over behavior inherent within our love affair with Christianity?

Is it because we, Americans, should be doing the beheading?

Or is it because we supposed it to be the purview of hysterical women named Lilith, Salome and Judith?


Show 3 footnotes

  1. No definite word on whether she submitted to the missionary position beneath The Great Horned One or opted for buns-up-kneeling or even reverse-cowgirl. Not, at this point, it matters a whole lot.
  2. Salome did a fine little dance for Herod, yes she did. The Catholics still celebrate this event.
  3. The Bible points out that every man, woman and child was killed –at God’s orders — save for a couple of beddable women; one assumes beheadings by the score.

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