Kneeling Jesus

The teen hopped on top of a statue of a kneeling Jesus — in front of an organization called “Love in the Name of Christ” — and simulated oral sex with the statue’s face. Naturally, he posted the pictures to Facebook, which made their way to authorities.

Officials in Bedford County charged the teen with desecration of a venerated object, invoking a 1972 Pennsylvania statute that criminalizes “defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.”

Sweet Jeebus: teens and their in your face behavior.

Fortunately the Pennsylvania chapter of the ACLU is looking into the case: if money is considered ‘free speech’ and corporations are really ‘people’ buying politicians with scads of  expressing their ‘free speech’, then certainly a 14 year-old kid face humping a statue of an imaginary deity is also free speech. 1

But because this is the reality show known as ‘Murica, there’s more.

The DA prosecuting the lad, Bill “Drop A Load” Higgins 2 of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, who has said “…this troubled young man offended the sensibilities and morals of OUR community. …His actions constitute a violation of the law, and he will be prosecuted accordingly. If (prosecuting the boy) that tends to upset the ‘anti-Christian, ban-school-prayer, war-on-Christmas, oppose-display-of-Ten-Commandments’ crowd, I make no apologies”, is yet another two-faced hypocrite with which American politics is rife.

Ol’ Bill got his nickname from a personal Tweet he posted last month (now deleted, of course):

Yep, ol’ Bill certainly has a firm hand on the sensibilities and morals of HIS community, wouldn’t you say? The Republicans would be smart to pair him up with Romney to run against the Biden/Clinton ticket in 2016.

Kneeling Jesus

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Not to mention all those photos of young women sitting down and blowing Ronald McDonald. Hell, that’s a meme in its own right, practically performance art.
  2. Yes, of course he’s an elephant.

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