GOP Militia

Folks running for political office will try the darndest things: carpetbagging (à la Hillary Clinton and, of late, Scott Brown); importing (nearly) dead 1 and crazy GOP “luminaries”; hell, they’re not even above shutting down the entire government if they think it will help them.

But until today they’ve never tried anything as whack as hiring an armed militia to terrorize their own field hands voters into staying away from the polls.

A self-described militia group claims to be checking names on the 2012 Scott Walker recall petition and plans to confront those found to have outstanding warrants or tax defaults at the polls on Nov. 4.

“We prefer our people be armed,” reads a Facebook post by Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia, screen captured on a blog at “Some will be heading to some of Milwaukee, Racine, and Beloit’s worst areas. We will be armed with a list of people to look for at each location.”

The exchange posted on Politicususa continues:

Patrick Murray: “Just so you are aware, I will not report Republicans. Only Democrats.”

Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia: “We will be targeting heavy democrat districts, so it is doubtful this will even be an issue…”

Of course their original FB page was unceremoniously shuttered, so they started a new one.

That one has 4 Likes.

We assume the DOJ is on to them, but in case you want to make sure, feel free to fill out the requisite form. 2

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  1. In fact, Pat Roberts best-case scenario might be if Bob “Stiff As A Board, Thank You” Dole dies stumping around Kans-ass for him; Roberts would be sure to pick up enough ‘sympathy’ votes to carry the day. Yes, I KNOW that makes no logical sense. But remember – we’re talking about Kans-ass here.
  2. In fact you should probably bookmark that link. You know, in case an overreaching local politician draws up an election that constitutes a mere 400 voters deciding on how to spend tax revenue for an entire city. Yes, we realize that example is a stretch. Still…

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