Bishop Finn’s Hands

For transubstantiation add $10 per 80 serving pack.

Each communion cup features traditional unleavened communion bread and 100% Grape Juice together in one cup to allow for a 1-Pass method during the service.

Unique, Ergonomic Cup Design:

  • Easier to hold, position, and open for all from young to old
  • Flat side of cup allows for better grip and control of cup during seal removal
  • Large bread compartment allows for easy removal
  • One year shelf-life, no refrigeration needed

We suppose this makes sense in a time conscious society; while the head mucky-muck whistles in the dark about whatever superstitious bullshit his adherents subscribe to, the lay people  (or the little underage boys dressed like girls because there are always little underage boys dressed like girls in these places, which really, don’t you think, really should make one’s eyebrows raise) assisting him could be passing the Jello Pudding Cup-like juice and bread snacks down the rows and receiving back contributions.

That would save, we estimate, and here we’re talking just about the Catholics and their interminably long mass, at least an hour of one’s Sunday.

And from a hygiene standpoint? These are priceless.

Hey, who knows where Bishop Finn’s hands have been, much less almost any of those of his priests? You want those hands anywhere near your mouth?

We thought not… 1 2
Bishop Finn's Hands

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Though perhaps we do Finn a disservice; if the vaunted Mean Jean Baker decides Finn’s been a good boy, she will release him from his probation, his record will be expunged, and it will be EXACTLY like no children in his See were ever sexually taken advantage of. Poof! See – nothing up his cassock sleeves… Mean Jean, our ass.
  2. No, this is apparently not a one-off idea; there seems to be enough competition among the ‘industry’ that you can try them out for free.

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