A Balsa-wood Escadrille

We previously mentioned that the military-industrial complex America intends to wage war, again, and soon; it’s as odiously obvious as the halitosis of the soul the GOP’s far right publicly embraces:

…Look, I have no illusions about the barbarians over there. But this is starting to sound like Saddam’s balsa-wood escadrille that was going to come over and drop anthrax bombs on the Little League World Series. You close your eyes and listen and, very soon, you get the image of people running around in circles, looking for a goat to sacrifice, reading the signs left by flocks of birds, and pleading with the sun god to enfold us in his arms. Rap music? Honky, please. Can everyone just settle the fk down?…

In other words, Iraq Redux. Or, more honestly Iraq In Perpetuity. Get ready for the hard sell, people: they’ve just been warming up so far.

Though why we’re still playing this game is beyond us: did we learn NOTHING in Iraq and Afghanistan? What ISIS is doing is the same gorilla/asymmetrical warfare America has seemingly been unable to solve since at least Viet Nam. And the lesson should be the same: when you fuck with people, in their own country no less, who hold none of your values…you get what you get.

That’s right: that means tiger cages, that means torture, that means beheadings.

Is this a shock? Because is should not be.

It should also not be an excuse for war.

A Balsa-wood Escadrille

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