Vine Me, Bro

Vine me, bro.

The new words of the revolution. Gil Scott Heron, who could not have foreseen the social media development, was only partially correct: the revolution will not be televised. At least, not the salient facts the government and the corporations do not want you to know.

But it will be Vined. And YouTubed. Don’t forget Black Twitter.

Tellingly this material is not the racist hatred of anonymous commenters at a supposed last bastion of free speech blog, but the nearly real-time, live updates of an actual situation. You know, the exact sort of thing American news corporations used to cover?

It’s how we live now.

Unfortunately, these social media tactics will be no more effective long-term than the Arab Spring; whither those fledgling ‘democracies’ now? 1

No, what these new media tactics show us is that American citizenry has far more in common with the Iranian, Egyptian and Iraqi populaces than they ever imagined.

Wake up, people.

Vine me, bro

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  1. Tunisia does not count, as the outcome was not a Boolean either/or, but instead an secularists and Islamists admixture that came about with little interference from the West.

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