MidAmeriCon II

At the most recent World Science Fiction Convention (LONCON3) the World Science Fiction Society voted to award next year’s North American Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II, to Kansas City.

Congratulations to all involved; for a certain sub-set of us this will be a hoot. Not to mention all the cosplay costuming photo ops it will provide local media – we can hear the local news anchors tittering already.

For more details, check out their first newsletter. Or hit the main web site to volunteer. 1

Oh…and that’s not all. The people bringing us MidAmeriCon II have loftier ambitions; they’re intent on bringing WorldCon to Kansas City in 2016. All they have to do is somehow sabotage the Chinese’s bid to hold it on Beijing. Below is the vid they put together promoting KC for the WorldCon 2016:

Finally…a blast from the past, the only WorldCon we’ve yet attended.

MidAmeriCon II

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  1. How to tell if you would make a good MidAmeriCon volunteer: do you own a full period costume, complete with sword?  Or a furry outfit (probably with a tail) you wear around the house? You qualify…

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