X Files: Lac de Gafsa

For the past three weeks, hundreds of swimmers have been flocking to a lake in the Gafsa (Lac de Gafsa) region of southern Tunisia. But the sudden, mysterious appearance of this lake in a drought-hit area has raised concerns about both the origin and the quality of the water.

Locals discovered this mysterious lake alongside Om Larayes road, about 25 kilometres from Gafsa. Local authorities say the lake’s total volume is about one million square metres spread over a surface of about one hectare. The lake’s depth ranges from about 10 to 18 metres.

Last Monday, two weeks after the site was discovered, Gafsa’s Office of Public Safety warned that the lake was dangerous and unfit for swimming.

When interviewed by FRANCE 24, Public Safety director Hatef Ouigi said this warning was a cautionary measure undertaken while teams of experts verified the water’s quality. The results of the tests would determine any future action taken by the authorities. 1

Lac de Gafsa

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  1. Radioactivity seems to be the worry. Though why a radioactive lake should suddenly “appear” in Saharan Africa is anyone’s guess. Doesn’t sound related to the multiplying Siberian holes, at least.

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