Kansas City Taxes

The results of yesterday’s vote were, overall, positive.

Despite the ever-present paranoia of the when you pry it from my cold dead hand crowd, the faux sagacity of the “e-elite”, and most Missourians’ total indifference to cute little abused puppies, the most egregious of the tax and spend proposals were beaten to a bloody pulp:

  • NO to a streetcar proposal presumptively planned by bright high-schoolers
  • NO to the state’s proposal to let the trucking industry get a free ez-pass through Missouri
  • NO to funding veteran’s…something…via sleight of hand
  • NO to more Kansas City taxes and NO to more State taxes

Instead of a local sales tax nearly reaching a staggering 12%, we managed to hold the line to just under 10%: well done, people.

Kansas City Taxes

The money saved Tuesday by the annihilation of the political class’s schemes should not be underestimated: KCMO water services alone have doubled over the last year and will double again the next two years; energy costs continue to rise, unchecked by the boards purported to oversee them; our city streets are literally littered with steel plates because there’s “no money” for repairs; many of our famous fountains are as broken and bone dry as the city’s coffers; sidewalks erupt in broken shards, destroyed by the upward root growth of yet another of Kansas City’s grand foibles – sweet gum trees; after a billion wasted dollars over the last 3 decades, KCPS Superintendent Green has indicated that he also desires an increase in funding…

It just never ends.

So be warned – there will be more grubby hands thrust our way, and soon. We expect that even Mayor James will again try to pick our pockets, for the very same streetcar fiasco.

And yet…that 9.something% in sales tax we all cough up each and every purchase 1, where the hell does that go?

Because we’re painfully aware that it does not address the litany of ills listed above.

Is it possible that the city, via the offices of the Mayor and the city council, have made so many bad decisions during the James and Barnes administrations that the 9.something% sales tax merely covers debt payment,  Power & Light District and Union Station annual losses,  and city hall employees’ salaries?

To hell with an audit of the Water Department 2, let’s have an audit of City Hall proper!

Where the hell is the money going?

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While we understand there is little compelling reason to pay taxes, we still do so in the retro belief Kansas City intends to honor its compact. 3 But we know of no one who voluntarily pays more taxes than they ‘owe’.

And when we do not even receive the promised basic services for our taxes, when we instead pay for nothing but the vanity projects of politicians, the wealthy and their shared bootlicks, we are not apt to look fondly on yet even more tax proposals. Indeed, it may well be past time we reviewed our social contract with an eye toward paring away that which reveals itself as coercion masquerading as cooperation, a caste society posing as egalitarianism, and theft hiding as representational taxation.

Sunday Afternoon Matinee

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Yes, that includes food.
  2. Not really: that should be done immediately, regardless what the Department or even the Mayor himself think. In fact, we wonder why the Star hasn’t vocally called for same and insisted on holding all pertinent elected officials’ feet to the fire until one is performed. Seriously, is it time for the FBI to be involved?
  3. Though our faith there is quickly waning…

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