1033 program

Everyone is by now aware of how much war stuff the DoD passes down to state and local police agencies via the 1033 program. Because, you know…Ferguson! 1 But you simply would not believe the crazy amount of armaments available and who’s begging for it.

Directly below is a list of Missouri law enforcement agencies (as of this past December) that have gratefully accepted war toys from Uncle Sam:

And boy howdy did these agencies take stuff; over 105,00 pieces of stuff between 2011 and 2013. Unfortunately the list isn’t broken down by receiving agency (that we have yet found), but the sheer totality of war crap is fairly impressive. Read on…oh, and be sure to scroll to the right to see how many NATO rifles your local cop shop is now sporting 2:

Eventually data that drills down to the agency level will be released. Grudgingly, yes, but it will be released. Then you can discern how paranoid each agency is and perhaps base your next home buying decision appropriately.

1033 program

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  1. Don’t be too complacent Prairie Village – it could happen to you!
  2. And look at the deal they got on those 2 mules. An absolute steal, we say. Not so much on those $50K ‘utility trucks’. Though we really want to know who ended up with the ‘helicopter, observation.’

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