Speaking of Jan Marcason

Even as we write this a Kickstarter project has raised $58,576 toward an individual just making potato salad.

Dude by the name of Zach –from Columbus, OH, of all places– intends on making the potato salad. Though, in all fairness Zach warns “It might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad.”

What this ‘project’ ultimately says about us (as well as the internet and potato salad, not to mention Jan Marcason), only time, perspective and possibly some really good weed will tell; perhaps Zach is publicly playing with America’s sick fascination with capitalism’s most recognizable face – the stock market; perhaps Zach is subtly pointing out how addled Americans have become in their comparatively excessive ease; mayhap Zach is a performance artist who will shut down the whole project on the last day (only 24 more days to go! get in on the ground floor now!) with a scolding screed aimed at the donors for their gullibility/insensitivity/arrogance.

Maybe Zach’s just your typical post neo-modern innernetz grifter who simply wants us to believe all those things while he banks the cash 1

Hell, we suppose it’s even possible that Zach just makes $50k worth of potato salad and feeds a small city with it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But it occurs to us that Mayor Sly missed the boat with his streetcar idée fixe project; as of 2012 the population of Kansas City proper was pegged at 464,310, all of whom –according to city hall — are streetcar supporters. 2 If all of them had kicked in just $100, why that would have come to $43 million and change. Woot! That’s enough to get the streetcar started and the city could then hold area specific Kickstarters to continue (or not) the line throughout the city: for example the Brookside Kickstarter might only raise $100K (rich folk are notoriously cheap): no streetcar line in Brookside

In fact this might be the city’s funds raiser of choice in the future: want to screw up screw up MCI? Start a Kickstarter project to fund it; if sufficient monies needed to screw up screw up the airport aren’t raised (in 30 days), the project is set aside for a full year before a new Kickstarter can be initiated.

How about maintenance for those famous fountains Kansas City can’t afford? Kickstarter them! Potholes, sidewalks and streetlights? Kickstarter, baby; the possibilities are endless.

In fact Sly ought to immediately sit down with Jan (over lunch; he’s been looking a little peaked lately) and come up with a list of other city services to transition to Kickstarter before Clay Chastain gets a bunch of smarter competing projects online.

Rêves doux

Show 2 footnotes

  1. If so, more power to the gentleman.
  2. Save for those of us in Brookside who just hate all things positive and rainbowy. My personal count has that number at just about a third of all Brookside residents, with another third die-hard Mayor Sly fans who think even his farts, much less his ‘vision’, are positive and rainbowy. Finally a third of Brookside residents don’t give a shit what the city does as long as they, personally, are left alone. That includes not being subjected to rainbow farts. Or Sly’s ‘dancing’. Seriously, Sly – enough with the dancing, you come off looking like an Uncle Tom caricature, which may have played well with the RNC selection committee, but not that well, n’est-ce pas?

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