James Garner

If you live in Kansas City, and if you are a Google fiber subscriber, on Monday Turner Classic Movies  — TCM (1289) — is running a James Garner marathon. Please find the schedule 1  2 directly below:

1:45 AM La Haine: An Arab, a Jew and a black fight among themselves amid riots in a Paris housing project.
3:30 AM Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: An angry young Nottingham factory worker lives for weekends of women and drink.
7:00 AM Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend: Union Army veterans help a vengeful comrade find out who sold his dead brother faulty ammunition.
8:30 AM Grand Prix: Personal lives of Formula One drivers affect their performance on the European circuit.
11:30 AM Cash McCall: A corporate raider woos the daughter of a man who owns a company ripe for takeover.
1:15 PM The Wheeler Dealers: A Texas oil rascal woos a Wall Street stock analyst and takes the market for a ride.
3:00 PM Darby’s Rangers: Maj. William Darby forms the Rangers for direct assaults on World War II North Africa and Italy.
5:15 PM Mister Buddwing: An amnesiac wakes up in New York and turns to women he might have known, hoping to remember.
7:00 PM The Thrill of It All: A doctor’s wife disrupts their life with her new job as star of a soap tycoon’s TV commercials.
9:00 PM The Americanization of Emily: A Navy officer, ordered to document the first D-Day fatality, wines and dines a London widow.
11:00 PM The Children’s Hour: A schoolgirl ruins her two headmistresses with a scandalous lie.

James Garner

Show 2 footnotes

  1. If you’ve never seen The Americanization of Emily, we highly recommend it: a better (palatable) anti-war movie you will be hard pressed to find.
  2. In addition, for all you Rockford Files junkies, catch the entire first season for free on IMDB.

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