Poka poka

So, we ran across this vid this afternoon and decided our decades old Monterrey Russian course could use a refresher.

Please to enjoy Nastya Sten. Poka poka! 1

Rêves doux

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  1. Though we don’t understand why they shot this in Kansas City’s West Bottoms; we would have put the lass in a classic little black dress and seated her at the Savoy’s bar late on a Saturday night…but that’s just us.

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  1. Yeah, high end production values for a throw-away innernetz vid. of ‘course HD cameras are ‘affordable’ for about anyone with a job, so maybe the ‘crew’ was actually just her posse…

    Judging from my girls the way you blend accents is to grow up learning two languages simultaneously: Asta in particular can easily switch within a sentence from Belgium french to Wichita, Kansas, ‘french’. It’s not pretty…

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