Oh fuck

Seriously, this is pretty much an “oh fuck” moment.

Or were you under the impression this is being developed to run like the wind to save little Timmy from drowning in that well? 1

No, in about a decade human flesh will be Terminator fodder; the world’s standing armies will be augmented by a plethora of tireless cheetah-quick robots (equipped with motion-tracking) and unmanned drones (equipped with literal Hell.)

It once was the case that you could improve your lot in life by joining the Marines or the Army. But once the robots are introduced into the mix…what life? 2

Rêves doux

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  1. Poor Lassie, put out to pasture by the Terminator.
  2. To say nothing about what ‘normal’ civilian life will be like once they get the bright idea to use the robots as cops. Not pretty, my friends; not pretty at all.

One thought on “Oh fuck”

  1. Why the hell can’t they focus on building one of these that can mow my yard in 30 minutes? Or shovel snow from my driveway. I mean, damn!

    Thanks a lot, Obama!

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