Announced by the GOP last week, Kansas City is one of four cities advancing in the selection process to host the 2016 Republican National Convention. Next week, KC will host the selection committee for a private site visit, June 4-6. We encourage you to help us roll out the red carpet for this important group. Kansas City’s bid is a bipartisan effort that will boost our city. Tampa, the 2012 host, estimated the total economic impact for the convention to be around $404 million. Show your pride for KC!

You’ve seen the official KC RNC voting site, n’est-ce pas? 1 It’s an offshoot of the KCRNC2016 site. 2 3
And it’s pretty entertaining:

•LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON To help showcase our revitalized downtown, we encourage downtown buildings and offices leave their lights on for the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, June 4 & 5.

When the RNC see those thousands of well-lit empty offices, they will immediately understand how effective their ’employment’ policies have been. We expect they will be so heartened by this they’ll drop in whatever over-priced themed bar (Kyle James isn’t in slappin’ his biatches around) to lord it over the peons celebrate. Ka-ching, baby!

But it’s nowhere near as risible as the KCRNC2016 site proper. Check out this gem:

When it comes to hosting the RNC, Kansas City has it covered. The sophisticated bi-state transportation network of buses, taxis, limousines and a downtown streetcar connects more than 32,000 hotel rooms to Sprint Center in 30 minutes or less.

“The sophisticated bi-state transportation network of buses, taxis, limousines and a downtown streetcar…”

Seriously, we can’t quit laughing. Not so much over KC’s non-existent streetcar; it will exist by the time the GOP holds their convention in Dallas…Sly and the Council Stoned will see to that, representative democracy be damned. No, what we’re giggling over is the image of a self-respecting Republican (who had been misinformed about the waters) booking a hotel stay in Wyandotte County. And then hopping aboard The Dot to go to the Sprint Center. You know, three hours later…or never.

Speaking of ‘never’ – KCRNC2016‘s list of “high level supporters” includes Rep. Cleaver, though not his picture; apparently Sly’s head shot was more than enough color for the GOP.

Rêves doux

In our estimation the streetcar and the proposed ruination of MCI (neither of which does the average Kansas Citian desire) have their origins in Sly’s slavering lust to host the GOP convention. And it seems the mayor, along with the city council and a host of ‘high level’ supporters, are eager, avid even, to spend as much of our present and future tax revenues as it takes to bring that particular circus to town. Just the streetcar and MCI revamp alone have already obligated KC to spending hundreds of millions we don’t have.

But the KCRNC2016 team justifies their toadying stance by bandying about larger numbers: hundreds of millions of dollars more would be gleaned from said convention, they say.


Nashville, TN, bid on the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Butch Spyridon, of Nashville’s Convention & Visitors Corp., estimates that hosting the DNC convention would cost as much as $70 million (they’re not building a new anything for the Democrats) and tie up their convention center for six weeks prior to the big party. Yet he also feels the convention would draw “millions of dollars in spending and worldwide attention.”

But you know what actual economists, as opposed to the new Tupperware hacks, say about hosting these conventions? Bad idea, all around. The costs always outstrip any profit. And that’s without the threat of terrorism political conventions invite; millions more would have to be spent –according to DHS — to enforce a rigorous a security zone around the Sprint Center.

Mark my words, shops near the area would actually suffer losses because of this. Ask any business owner in the eye of the 2008 Democratic convention storm who suffered losses.

No, beyond Sly and the Council Stoned’s rah-rah antics is just another set of local crooks corporations and pols looking to make a quick million or two at the expense of the local economy.  Piss on the whole thing. 4

What the Mayor and city council should instead focus on is street and sidewalk repair, street light replacements, the city parks and how they’re going to comply with the June 12th decision coming down. 5

Rêves doux

Show 5 footnotes

  1. We just voted for Dallas, Tex-ass; call it “piling on”.
  2. KCRNC2016 is a Global Prairie Marketing production, Bill Ye directing. Fun Stuff: since they’re in the New Tupperware business, they have a back story. Go read Our Story (winkwinknudgenudgeknowwotimeanknowwotimean?)
  3. Though props where props are due: they donate a share of their profits back into the community. Which is more than one can say for Sly and the Council Stoned.
  4. Besides, Sly and crew would fuck it up: the EPA mandated combined water/sewage upgrades will be well underway at that point – downtown KC in 2016 looks to be an impassable mess of construction crews, open water lines, and sinkholes. That would play well in the national media.
  5. Uh…appeal?

3 thoughts on “KCRNC2016”

  1. I’ll tell ya right now we’ll have ol’ black Bob over at the Rieger ready to polish and buff up the those Republican shoes as they step off that ol’ timey streetcar, yessir! Or maybe Bob’s brother, ol’ blind Bill. Both those boys know sumthin’ ’bout ‘spect, yessir. Hhhhmm, tas’ right.

  2. Dallas certainly has an edge but do not overlook the fact some members of the RNC appreciate how Kansas City handles the ‘minority issue.’ That goes a long way with some of the old guard.

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