James Risen

In case you thought the Roberts’ court was anything but yet another political organization stacked with a bunch of right-wing politicians:

A New York Times journalist faces jail time after the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal on Monday over whether the First Amendment gives him the right to protect his confidential source.

James Risen, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has repeatedly refused to name the source for his 2006 book entitled the “State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration” exposing CIA abuses he had discovered.

In particular, chapter 9 of that book disclosed an attempt by the CIA to have a former Soviet nuclear scientist subvert the Iranian nuclear program. Arguments presented in Risen’s book, forced the US Department of Justice to search his phone, credit card and bank records to compile a case against a former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, charged under the Espionage Act, for allegedly leaking the Iranian story to the reporter.

The DOJ subpoenaed Risen to testify about his business with Sterling. The DOJ formally asked the Supreme Court not to hear Risen’s appeals of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision ordering Risen to comply with the subpoena to reveal his source, saying that even if the nation’s highest justices believe journalists have a right to reporters privilege in criminal cases, Risen’s case presents a poor example.

SCOTUS should have decided whether the Risen case was a “poor example”, NOT the DOJ.

Instead Roberts and lackeys defer to their masters – the Bush family – in their continuing persecution of anyone and everyone attempting to hold them accountable for their illegal acts.

This is not the America you believe it is, folks.

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