GOP Convention

So…it looks like Kansas City lost out:

The Republican party today will either announce Dallas as its pick to host the party’s 2016 national convention or that Dallas and Denver are the only two cities left in the running.

Sources close to the negotiations tell 9News that Denver is struggling to match the fundraising effort of Dallas, which has public funds available for attracting conventions.

Which is just as well, the Mayor’s cheer-leading aside.

Cities that host these conventions, as we’ve previously noted, lose more money that they take in.

And really – do we want the GOP to be in town the next time one of our citizens decided to rape a (putative) dead person in public?

We thought not.

Rêves doux

2 thoughts on “GOP Convention”

  1. Funny a Denver news station picked Denver to stay in the hunt when they knew full well the cash wasn’t there. As if the Queen City wanted a bunch of ReThugs wandering about downtown getting a contact high…

    would have been goofy.

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