Tsundere Heidegger and Me

Someone named Junji Hotta put together a wonderful survey of European philosophy –according to those adorably shy anime girls for which Japan is so rightly famous– titled Tsundere Heidegger and Me.

Below, some of the table of contents:

  • Chapter 2, Spinoza: man is the greatest for man
  • Chapter 3, Berkeley and Hume: to exist is to be aware
  • Chapter 4, Kant: the starry heaven above me and morality within me
  • Chapter 5, Hegel: the world is an infinite progression towards wisdom
  • Chapter 6, Nietzsche: God is dead, but nothing has changed
  • Chapter 7, Heidegger: without a world, we do not exist, without us, the world does not exist, we are not alone”.  1 2

Rêves doux

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  1. The original site is in Japanese, but worth it, I think, for the illustrations.
  2. I think I’m turning Japanese…I really think so….

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