Très jejune

So once again we have a mass shooting.

Again with legally registered weapons by a young man who, if his très jejune vid is any indication, was perfectly sane. Just was just a sexually frustrated asshole who thought women owned him…well, everything. 1

Not so different from men I run across almost every day.

Except this asshole used guns to make his revenge fantasy come to life.

Again an armed card-carrying NRA member, teacher or little old lady did NOT draw down and vanquish the evil-doer thanks to the NRA’s relentless ‘protection’ of the 2nd Amendment.

Nothing to see here, folks; move along. The NRA has decided for us that this ‘incident; and dozens more like it this year alone are the price we pay for eternal vigilance, or some such bullshit.

Move along now…

Rêves doux

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  1. And perhaps ill at ease with his own sexuality.

4 thoughts on “Très jejune”

  1. poorly brought up, yes; issues with women, yes; felt like he deserved the attention of women, yes; coddled/spoiled/pampered growing up, yes.

    insane, no.

    as I mentioned you undoubtedly work with people just like this, men who feel women should do exactly as they -men – want. indeed much of our culture is based on that misapprehension: it’s why rape, and more generally violence against women, is under-reported instead of being nearly non-existent.

    lennon said it best all those years ago: woman is the nigger of the world.

    the country would like Elliot to be insane, sure – it’s easier than confronting the beast in ourselves.

  2. I just think you’re misusing “perfectly” and “sane” to needlessly hype the situation. From what I’ve read Rodgers had a history of depression and “pre-psychopathy” and had refused to take prescribed medication for years.

    That’s not to say that we live in a culture that hates women, a glance at the Top 40 or any Google search with “safe mode” on will demonstrate that.

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